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Wheatgrass and red blood cells

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Hi Dr Chris,  

Can you please advise if Wheatgrass has been found to increase red blood cells.  My father is anemic and has a current count of 80,  he is waiting for a iron infusion and although his condition does improve with an iron infusion I am looking to assist his natural production of red blood cells.  
thanking in advance

Posted: 27-Apr-2009 10:00 PM | Reply
Dr. Chris
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Yes, wheatgrass and other cereal grasses have been shown to stimulate bone marrow production of red blood cells and other blood elements in many studies. See Blood element stimulation by chlorophyllin and Biological activities of chlorophyll for two such examples.

Kind regards,
Dr. Chris Reynolds.
Posted: 27-Apr-2009 11:59 PM | Reply
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