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Dr Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass health benefits - fissure - molluscum - topical steroid withdrawal - injur

Dr Chris Reynolds
Hello. I'm Dr. Chris. Although I'm an orthodox GP, I often use wheatgrass extract for treating a number of conditions.  
I also believe the key to a long life of good health and wellbeing is a strong, stable and effective immune system. You can achieve this by taking wheatgrass daily.
Our immune system protects all of us from external enemies such as viruses and bacteria, and from abnormal internal disease-causing cells, so to keep it strong is a wise thing to do. Because there are no drugs available to perform this function, (indeed, many of them such as steroids actually suppress the immune system) there is no choice but to rely on plant extracts. Wheatgrass, as a safe, potent immune stimulant and modulator makes this possible for everyone when taken daily. So why not grow your own and discover this for yourself?
Wheatgrass can also:
  • Strengthen your blood-producing bone marrow and stimulate production of immune system cells.
  • Reduce inflammation, pain and discomfort e.g. joints.
  • Protect you from infection by viruses and bacteria.
  • Prevent abnormal cells developing in your body.
  • Heal wounds and assist injury recovery.
  • Assist recovery of skin conditions e.g. topical steroid withdrawal (Red Skin Syndrome), and so on.
These videos demonstrate how effectively wheatgrass can help recovery of various conditions. This page shows how well wheatgrass can heal a wound.
Everyone can benefit from wheatgrass in some way.
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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